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Is this the Right Time to Arrest Ruto?

Ruto and Echesa
Ruto and Echesa

(KDRTV)  – On January 23, this year,  Deputy President  William Ruto told NTV’s Ken Mijungu that he is not responsible  for the Tanga Tanga politicians  insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He said the politicians are not his employees  and if Mijungu wanted clarification  from them, he can look for them.

A few weeks later and Ruto’s office is under the spot for an alleged multi-billion fraud involving former Sports CS Rashid Echesa and senior employees from the office of the second most powerful  man in Kenya.

Now that  his employees have been mentioned, it is time for the hustler to take responsibility.

In football,  we say a team is only as good as its manager and vice versa.  If the office of the DP has become a haven of fraudsters,  then we can only blame one man – the owner of the office.

Who is Rashid Echesa? Before January  2018, Very few people  outside  Mumias knew Echesa.

Uhuru appointed him the CS for Sports on the basis that he was a boxer in his heydays.  Those who know him claim that Echesa has never sat for a national exam.

In fact,  the only time he has been inside  an exam room is when he was pictured invigilating  KCSE 2018, we wonder  what he was telling those poor students.

Uhuru ended Echesa’s tenure in March last year. He has been still been seen beside Ruto during his numerous trips to Western Kenya.  From this,  we can conclude that Echesa was the DP’s man.

This also explains  why he has access to Ruto’s Harambee Annex office,  where the deal to defraud foreigners  of more than Ksh 40 billion was struck.

But Echesa could not have done this alone. Especially  the part where documents from the Ministry of Defense were forged.

In June last year,  Ruto made very serious allegations against four Cabinet Secretaries.  He claimed he had a letter detailing  how the Ministers were plotting his assassination.

After investigations,  detectives found out that the letter was fake and had originated from Harambee Annex.

Could the letter and Echesa’s documents be related?  There is only one way to find out.

There are several reports of Kenyans being defrauded at Harambee  Annex.

A first time MP in Nairobi  was heavily  mentioned  in a case in which a company lost more than 180 million to con artists stationed at Harambee Annex.

This week,  some Isiolo residents lost close to Ksh500,000, an amount they were told would buy them an audience with the DP.

In November 2018, at the funeral of Ruto’s aide Farouk Kibet’s father, it emerged that Farouk demands for huge amounts of money from anyone who wants to see his boss.

Is Ruto aware of all these allegations.  The answer is YES!

So why hasn’t  he cracked the whip on the culprits?  Ruto should take full responsibility  for what is happening  in his office.

This should start with a trip to DCI headquarters.



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