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Kameme TV Presenter Attacked For Instigating Ndindi Nyoro’s Arrest

Zack Abuyeka



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Kameme TV presenter Njogu Wa Njoroge has been attacked by netizens and supporters of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro for allegedly playing a role in the arrest of the embattled legislator.

Njoroge was the host of the show attended by Ndindi Nyoro, held at St James Cathedral in Murang’a. Nyoro was arrested while leaving the church premises on Monday night.

After the end of the show, Njoroge was heard via his mic which was still on, stating that he had walked into the church premises with one of the police officers who had come to arrest the Kiharu Member of Parliament.

“There is no way he will save himself this time around. These police officers found me as I was coming here and we came together,” Njoroge was heard saying.

What further annoyed Ndindi Nyoro’s supporters who have since attacked him online is his voice which was captured asking the police officers if they had picked up everything they needed.


However, Ndindi Nyoro refuted claims that there was bad blood between him and the presenter, categorically stating that Njoroge was his friend and there is no way he could have instigated his arrest.

The adored journalist was also defended by DP William Ruto’s point man Dennis Itumbi.

“Most people are blaming Njogu wa Njoroge. I have the benefit of knowing a few things that happened and I can assure you that he did many things to ensure Nyoro got on air. He even put an empty seat on the set to confuse the police officers. There is nothing he could have done to stop the arrest at the end of the show,” said Dennis Itumbi.

The Kiharu legislator’s woes started after he had a scuffle with nominated MP Maina Kamanda in Murang’a, during a church fundraiser where Maina Kamanda was the chief guest.

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