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Kitany Spills Beans, Exposes Senator Mithika Linturi As A Broke Stingy Man Who Could Not Pay His Rent

Simba Watkins




Former DP Ruto Chief of Staff Marryanne Kitany has spilled Meru Senator’s Mithika Linturi’s secret to the public. During a court hearing on Wednesday, Kitany, who is in dispute with Linturi over their much publicized divorce said the Meru Senator was broke and it was her who even used to pay his rent.

Kitany, who continued her testimony on Wednesday, revealed to the court that she used to pay house rent for Linturi when he was broke and had rent arrears.

“Mithika used to have rent arrears. At some point I gave him Sh200,000 for rent,” Kitany said.

According to Kitany, Linturi’s rent problems is the reason she accommodated him in her house. On Tuesday, Kitany had revealed to the court that she took Linturi to Naivasha to block him from tabling a motion to impeach then Devolution CS Anne Waiguru in Parliament.

She told the court that the Senator’s children also moved to her house in August of 2014.

Kitany said all six children were taken to Zanzibar to bond for two weeks accompanied by her sister and her husband.

The move to offer children a trip was because they wanted to start the new family as one unit, she told the court.

On Wednesday, she told the court that because her son who was in Australia then did not make it for Zanzibar, the whole family went to Australia in December for him to meet his new siblings.

Kitany said she paid Sh11 million for the whole trip to Australia and Linturi did not chip in.

She added that they went to around five different cities in Australia and later went to Dubai for two days before coming back to Kenya.

The family also had another trip to Mauritius in December 2015 with all kids, costing her Sh800,000.

She told the court that Linturi’s help came in 2015 when he paid school fees for one of her kids and his own children.

Kitany said Linturi stood by her at the time she was being investigated for corruption.

Linturi convinced her in June 2015 not to go back into government but join him in his business which was not doing well, she told the court.

The family got a house in Runda to accommodate all the six kids, costing them Sh110 million and she paid Sh30 million.

She also told the court that she paid Sh26 Million from her pocket to renovate Linturi’s Meru home. She said that she thought she was building her home.

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