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Mombasa Police Seize Eleven Girls Shooting Pornography in Luxurious House




Mombasa police arrest eleven girls shooting pornography in a posh

Police in Nyali in Mombasa County, today has afforded to convict eleven Kenyan girls for involving in pornography shooting.

The Mombasa Police Commander Johnstone Ipara said that two people, a man, and women believed to be in charge of the operation engaging the eleven girls were also arrested.

According to the police reports, sex toys were also recovered from the first-class house

“We also seized 15 laptops and 10 computers which we believe were being used in their indecent activities,” the officer said

KDRTV has learned that the police are now holding the suspects at Nyali Police Station and the man and woman asserted to be the leader of the operation, would be charged with involving in pornography, as well as involving youth women in the same.

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The suspects are now set to appear in court later on Friday.

The operation by the Mombasa police has transpired barely two months since twelve Nepalese were convicted within the Nyali area.

During that time, a Mombasa tycoon was arrested after being suspected of involvement in sex slavery. Reportedly, the Nepalese were transported to Mombasa as dancers.

The case is still on at the Mombasa Law Courts.

About two months ago, Chinese women were also found in South C, Nairobi after being suspected to have engaged in the commercial sex trade.

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