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Police Allegedly Kill Another Man As Floyd Protests Continues in US




Police allegedly kill another man in Mexico

(KDRTV)-Protesters have clashed with police in Mexico city on Thursday evening after a 30-year-old man was found beaten to death fours after he was arrested by police.

Reports indicate that the man was arrested for not wearing face mask in public

A footage showed protesters in Guadalajara breaking through government palace door while others set ablaze police cars

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However, the police used tears and batons in a bid to disperse the protesters

According to the footage released on Wednesday, May 4, Giovanni Lopez is seen being forced by police officers into police vehicle as a bystander begged them for his release

The sad news of Giovanni`s death has emerged at a time when the US is faced with series of protests across the country after the brutal murder of a black American, George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The protests expanded to Africa after Kenyans protested outside the US embassy in Nairobi calling upon the US police to stop racism

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Videos have also emerged of police officers continuing with brutality even as they disperse various protesters

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