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In the recently held Youth Agritalks in the University of Nairobi’s college of Agriculture’s Upper Kabete campus, the significance of Agriculture i today’s life could not have been made any more clear. Diferent speakers during their presentations pointed out that the negative attitude towards agriculture more so towards the youth should change.

”We need more food and water. What are we doing about it? You are here, how are you going to help us achieve food security?,” Mr Antony Nyutu, a senior education solutions specialists at Microsoft questioned. He later noted in his speech that by the year 2050, the food needed to satisfy the hunger of nine billion people will increase by 70%.

In his presentation, Mr Steve Kombo, Managing director of Finetex and developer of Zalisha, a mobile-based application, pointed out that the average age of a farmer today is 60 years. He says, ”What is the future of our food production in the next 10 years or the plans to ensure sustainability? There will be a huge gap in food production. What are we going to do about it?”

In most cases, students choose not to do agriculture because they think it’s about digging and think that right after graduation they will be sent off to the farms to dig. Others chose to do it because his or her parent is making him or her take the course. The rest of the major percentage think that there are no jobs for those who pursue agriculture courses and opt to take courses such as nursing and engineering. The truth is every body around the globe needs to eat, so how can there be no jobs? Agriculture is not all about digging.

Mr Milo. a former Deputy Ambassador at Israel to Kenya said,” Kenya is 26 times bigger than Israel which is the size of Kitui county and has a population of about fifty million compared to Israel’s eight million, yet it is the 22nd bigest economy in the world and the largest supplier of horticulture to Europe,” pointing or that his country lacks water and yet sells water to its neighbors. ”How?” he asks,”through innovation.”

It was pointed out that many parts of our country are lacking veterinarians. Many people have to take pictures of sickly parts of an animals and send them to veterinarians in other parts of the country to get a solution to the problem.


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