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US, China Lock Horns In Coronavirus Blame Game




President Donald Trump calls coronavirus Chinese virus

KDRTV understands that the United States and China have been censuring each other over the spread of the dreadful coronavirus which started in China.

This blame game has further wrenched a relationship that was already accentuated by the trade battle.

China and the US had previously locked horns over the scramble for a section of African countries that they deemed major business hubs.

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KDRTV remember at some points when the US was advising African countries against borrowing funds from China citing hue interests.

A similar battle has been witnessed between the two countries during the world coronavirus pandemic

The rift between the two countries has been widened after President Trump has continued to refer to Covid-19 as Chinese virus and affirmed that he was doing so in part to counter Beijing` propaganda

Worrying enough, the tension between the two countries could escalate challenges faced by them to contain the coronavirus

Reports indicate, that so far, coronavirus has hit all the 50 states of America which have led to certain degrees of lockdown across all the states

At the same time, China though has reported that they have not experienced any domestic case of coronavirus after taking critical measures to control the spread of the disease

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KDRTV also understands that the US had started testing various vaccines that could be used to protect people against coronavirus.

The tension between the US and China is worrying considering various factors for instance, the world depends on China to provide face masks.




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