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We Uliskia Wapi? Sakaja Denies Reports He Has Quit Alcohol


(KDRTV) – Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has downplayed reports in the media that he has quit alcohol.

It all started when the Senator shared pictures of Deputy President William Ruto addressing a huge crowd in Kisii.

The Lawmaker wondered why the DP was not observing the COVID-19 regulations. He questioned whether the regulations were only meant for him to be arrested.

One tweep joked that the arrest was good for the Senator since he has quit alcohol. It is at this point that Sakaja replied to the tweet with the ‘We Oliskia wapi?’ meme.

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The meme is associated with a famous Tanzanian Lawmaker Seleman Bungala ‘Bwege’ who has become an instant sensation over his speech denying that he had joined CCM Party.

Sakaja was denying he had quit alcohol. It is not going to happen.

We Oliskia Wapi

Sakaja was arrested partying outside curfew hours at a club in Kilimani in July.

The Lawmaker allegedly refused to leave Lady’s Lounge and threatened to transfer all cops from Kilimani Police Station. He also asked his friends to stay put.

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He pleaded guilty to the offense of breaking curfew and was fined Ksh 10,000. The Senator later resigned from his position as the chair of the Senate Ad-hoc Committee on COVID-19.

President Uhuru Kenyatta banned the sale of alcohol in clubs and restaurants a few days after the incident. Kenyans blamed Sakaja for tough measures.

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