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Why Oparanya Has Sacked His Entire Revenue Staff At Kakamega County Government

Simba Watkins




Kakamega Governor and CoG Chair Wycliffe Oparanya has decided to send his entire revenue collection team home. Oparanya says the team is lazy and tired and they have been sleeping on their job, they needed a replacement. The over 143 staff members have been sent on a compulsory 60 day leave.

“ You must ensure I’m briefed daily on how much has been collected in each of the sub-counties. Counties can no longer continue depending on shareable revenue and there need for them to come up with measures to improve own revenue collection to ensure services are not disrupted,” said Mr Oparanya.

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Kakamega revenues had dropped to 580M this year, yet the county, according to the governor has a potential of raising close to 1.5B revenue annually.

”At the moment, no county is receiving money for development because of the impasse on the Division of Revenue Allocation Bill. I have taken some measures that will help us to move forward since there is no development money being released to counties,” said Mr Oparanya while commenting on his drastic move.

Oparanya has set tight guidelines on revenue collection and that any county official who flouts them, will be fired.

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