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Why The State Has Extended The Census Duration

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An  extension has also been issued for both towns and  rural areas where the exercise will end at 10pm and 9pm respectively. This follows a directive by the Interior Ministry PS Karanja Kibicho on Monday evening. Kibicho said Owners of bars and entertainment spots can resume their normal working hours.

Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret are among the towns where the exercise will go on until 10pm. Enumerators have been clocking out at 6pm. On the night the census began, the exercise ran from 6pm to 6am.

“We are happy and grateful that the business community heeded to the call. The directive to close bars and other entertainment joints ended on Sunday,” said Kibicho.

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Kibicho said every enumerator is expected to have visited at least 100 households by the close of the exercise on August 31. On a daily basis, enumerators are expected to visit at least 14 households.

Even as the exercise is ongoing, queries have been raised over the giving out of private data, which AMnesty International says is invasion of ones privacy. However, Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said the details are important in helping to verify people’s identities.

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Amnesty International, a human rights body protested collection of personal details, arguing that questions linked to GPS locations “can identify specific individuals and their homes with the information they supply”, It  said the  collection of unique identifiers is unnecessary and questions on identification (ID), passport, huduma and phone numbers should be reframed.

A simple yes or no question on whether one has, or not, a passport and ID would have been enough to establish how many have these documents,” said the rights body.

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Amnesty said questions related to personal identification numbers are not within the realm of the matters contemplated under the Statistics Act.

“The collection of vast amounts of sensitive personal data on digital devices without a comprehensive data protection law is not in the interest of people, constituencies, counties or the state,” said Amnesty, adding that the Government should uphold its constitutional duty on privacy rights.

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