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About The Gusii Community from Nyanza Province in Kenya

The Kisii community is endowed with so much talents

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KDRTV News-Recently I posted and condemned the video of a Kisii gospel artist EMBARAMBAMBA sliding on sewage, my brothers and sisters from every nook and cranny went for my neck. They stuffed my inbox with all types of insults accusing me of blemishing the reputation of Omogusii. 

Folks, when I said that we the Kisiis are our own enemies, my tribesmen including professionals hurled oral stones at my person. When I voiced my concerns regarding our self-made hate, men and women of impeccable character accused me of hating on my own tribe.

 From lawyers to doctors, teachers to cobblers, pastors to witches, they all ganged up against me. I was almost going ballistic but remembered the wise words of George Gordon Byron that “A drop of ink may make a million think” I have no apologies to make nevertheless. I still insist that Kisiis are facing a hydra that seems to defy solutions.

 You see, I am on record admitting not once, not twice or thrice, but on several occasions, that members of the Gusii community are principled and result oriented. Once upon a time, I said here in this space that Gusiiland is peopled with men and women of passionate convictions and incomparable talents.

 When the White man came to Africa he acknowledged that they were the first Africans he witnessed perform Neuro- surgical procedures successfully  and 98% of the patients survived without any complications

 Undoubtedly, Kisiis are clever gadgets. As far as industriousness is concerned, we are at par with Kikuyus. The only difference between Kikuyus and us is that we are very contented with what we have, but love life when it is not contentious. 

 Kisiis are hydra-headed or simply headstrong. We discombobulate other Kenyans with our weird but fundamental principles. When standing for our individual rights, we are a no-nonsense set of people. Surprisingly, when fighting for our collective rights as a community, we are the most divided beings.

 Conversely, rather, to buttress this argument, one thing I know about Kisiis and their sense of reasoning is that they’ll not rest in their oars to see justice and equity. 

 Kisiis staunchly believe in the content of their character. They have faith in their moral conviction. But just like any other humans that spent nine months in their mothers’ wombs, they are vulnerable to erring. But if you want to be axed by Kisii, force them to apologise for the misdeeds they did, count it as a request in futility. Meanwhile, when a typical Kisii makes a mistake, he is never quick to make amendments, always lackadaisical. But when offended, they are quick to react.

 Kisiis are as constant as the northern star. They exude natural prowess for intellectual inclination. If you have encountered a Kisii man or woman, they are very versed and up to date. The least academic possession found amongst the intellectual Kisii is a high school certificate. 

 By the way, the current number of professors from Gusiiland stands at 156. We have approximately 2100 medical doctors. Lawyers are more than 20K; and quite a good number of witches too. We also have Banana Peddlers like me. The rest is history. That notwithstanding, Kisiis are not too sophisticated but they are in constant touch with reality and their intellectual skills.

 Kisiis dominate in almost every field. In media for instance, we have produced some of the finest products of journalism. Some of Gusii’s finest journalists include Silas Nyanchwani, Nyambega Gisesa, Tony Ontita, Geofrey Mosoku, Kebwato, and the Banana Peddler himuselefu.

 In the legal profession, we have great minds like Tony Moturi, Enock Ongiti, Okongo O’Mogeni, Justice Bosire, Chief Justice Maraga David, Jones Nyachiro, James Gerison Otachi, Mohamed Nyaoga Ogeto, just to mention a few, who look at matters the discriminating eye of the cognoscenti.

 We also have leading economic policy analysts like comrade Cde Enock Bob Abeba, Kombo  among others. In entertainment industry, we have produced great people like the late Emmanuel Makori also known as Ayeya or AKA, Benard Nyokangi Bernard Nyokangih Miruka aka POKOYOYO just to mention a few. As far as education is concerned, my motherland has birthed great scholars like professor Intereba Arege and the rest. The list is endless.

 Although they say Gusiiland has the highest number of academic fraudsters per square kilometre, I can attest to the fact that we have a penchant for accumulation of academic laurels. 

 Importantly, those who know them well will confirm that Kisiis are bibliophiles (bookworms) by nature. They love reading. They consume a collection of books like clinicians. They are always subsumed in the pursuit of knowledge. Sometimes I am tempted to believe that I am the only Kisii being suffering from bibliophobia. I hate reading with a passion. I am the lazy reader.

 Kisiis always look forward to intertwining their qualifications in academic acquisition with infrastructural development as opposed to stomach infrastructure. My talented Gusii brethren are ingenious people. They have contributed immeasurably to the economic development of Kenya.

 If they mean business, Kisiis have the propensity and capability to siliconize the entire Nyanza and make Gusiiland the California of Kenya. Even with the witchcraft and high voltage jealousy, our entrepreneurship acumen cannot be matched by any community in any of the geopolitical zones in Kenya a part from Kikuyus. 

Kisii men and women are very unpretentious, loving and caring. If you have a Kisii man or woman sentenced to your life as a wife or hubby, you are sure of trust, loyalty, genuine love and dedication. Because of our culture, marital divorce is forever alien to Kisii man or woman.

 Unlike those yellows from the mountains, our women don’t marry you for your money, but pure love. Our culture sees divorce as sacrilegious. We are truly second to none.

 In religious matters they’ve walked and lived by their faith especially the Adventist faithfuls who are not ashamed to practice it  even in foreign lands, I hear they’ve bought and build churches even in the USA through their unity efforts.

 In politics their numbers is considered as a swing vote and have produced very successful Politicians and Businessmen like Andrew Omanga, Simeon Nyachae, George Moseti Anyona, Professor Sam Ongeri and currently their son Dr. Fred Matiangi ,is considered as the Super Cabinet Secretary in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government.

 In Sports they used to break records in 400 meters and in the 1972 Olympics Naftali Temu was the first Kenyan to win 10,000 meters Gold medal in Olympics in Mexico city, while in 1972 John Asati and Nyamao won Gold in the 400 meters relay. 

Mr. Moebi competed in the 100 meters and put an impressive 10.60s  in the trials heat while Evans Mogaka and Paul Mose competed in the 5000 meters race. Currently we only have  one international athlete by the name Hellen Obiri who has won many medals for Kenya in international competitions.

 Now, that I have drenched them with water of accolades does not mean they are the straightest characters. No they are not. Without equivocation, some are hypocrites and masters at deception. I love my Kisii people as much as they love themselves, but I have no capacity of tolerance for inadequacy of people who are not reasonable with their judgment.

 They say “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” I want to remind my people that when a man lacks every sense of imagination for possibilities, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to achieve maximum results from a laudable project.

 One of the greatest problems with Kisiis is self-made hate and jealousy. Kisiis hate each other with no apparent reason. Unlike Kikuyus who ENVY one another, we Kisisiis are jealous of one another. 

 A Kisii can hate his fellow Kisii when he is alive and when he is expired. In other words, he can refuse to contribute to your medical fee when you are alive and also resist the same for your funeral expenses. Whoever said we are the stingiest. I want to remind my people that you do not foul the memory that you will need when the die is cast.

 By Alberto Nyakundi Amenya 

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