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Exposed: The Hypocrisy Of Jubilee MPs In Calling For Expulsion Of Shebesh And Kamanda From The Party

Simba Watkins




Jubilee MPs have embarked on a mission to have Jubilee nominated MP Maina Kamanda and CAS Rachel Shebesh expelled from the ruling party because they have publicly come out to campaign for Imran Okoth, the ODM candidate for Kibra by elections. The two leaders, have distanced themselves from the Jubilee candidate, McDonald Mariga saying he is not suitable to by an MP in any part of the country, leave alone Kibra.

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Ironically, it is the same MPs who have been chiding the ODM Party and Raila Odinga by extension, for taking disciplinary action against Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa. Ms Jumwa has been on record disassociating herself from her part, the ODM, which sponsored her Parliament and made sure she is appointed to the Parliamentary Service Commission. These same MPs cheered Ms Jumwa on and even dared ODM leader Raila Odinga to expel her from the party. During her appearance at the party’s disciplinary committee, Jubilee wing supporting DP William Ruto hired Senator Kipchumba Murkomen, as her lawyer during the hearings.

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Now that the shoe is on the other side of the foot, and they are on the receiving end, Jubilee dioes not want to take the heat. What Aish Jumwa did and what Maina Kamanda and Rachel Shebesh are doing currently are similar. In both instances, the leaders have pledged their allegiance to rival parties, that did not sponsor them to parliament.

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It is therefore the highest level of hypocrisy, for Jubilee to call out Kamanda and Shebesh for disloyalty. tt is this kind of hypocrisy that DP William Ruto also practices in his politics. Ruto thrives in politics of double standards, where he says something today and denies it the following day, like he does not even know what it is about. It is this kind of hypocrisy that has poisoned Kenyan politics for years and it is a sad state of affairs, that someone who wants to be president of the republic, is practicing politics of exclusion and hypocrisy.

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