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‘Deal With Your Death Threats Quietly’- Moses Kuria Slams Tanga Tanga MP’s

Zack Abuyeka



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Vocal Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Monday took a jibe at Tanga Tanga MP’s claiming that their lives are in danger, after the dramatic arrest of Kiharu legislator Ndindi Nyoro.

The outspoken GatunduSouth Legislator urged the politicians to deal with their death threats quietly since the public was tired of hearing such nonsense. He shared a general post on his Facebook page that in some way was aimed at trolling politicians affiliated to Deputy President William Ruto.

“To fellow politicians, every time we tell the public that so and so is planning to eliminate us the public silently cheers. They hate us. It is better we deal with these matters quietly,” posted Moses Kuria.

However, Kuria’s post did not go down well with a majority of Kenyans who bashed the legislator for being a hypocrite.

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A few months ago, Moses Kuria took to social media to reveal that his life was in danger after criticising the president over development projects in the Central region.

He had launched attacks at President Uhuru for sidelining the Central region in terms of launching development projects yet Kenyans from the region overwhelmingly voted for him in the last general elections.

He went ahead to record a statement with the DCI claiming that he was receiving death threats from influential people in the government who were not pleased with his remarks.

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