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President Donald Trump told Americans today that he will begin his mass deportation starting this coming Sunday midnight. Immigration Lawyers have cautioned their clients to follow a few rules when ICE officers knock their doors to effect the order from the President.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota ,a Law firm co-owned by a renown Lawyer Henry Ongeri and Mr. Antolak have cautioned the Immigrants nationwide to follow a few steps.

Here are nine steps for what to do in case of a raid.

– Get in touch with a community or advocacy group right now.

– Create an emergency plan for taking care of children, the elderly or other people who depend on your care

Memorize the phone number of two trusted people.

– If ICE comes to your home, do not open the door.

– Remain silent.

Do not sign any papers without your attorney

Document the raid.

– Know that you can fight your case.


– Report the raid: Make sure you report the raid. You can call the Antolak & Ongeri Law Firm at 952.222.3873 or let us know what happened here.

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