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Laurence Lerner’s comprehensive biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger is boldly titled Fantastic. It is the  perfect word to summarize a man who has made success for himself wherever he goes, from the  obscure enclave of bodybuilding to international movie stardom to American politics. Schwarzenegger  has weathered the setbacks that would have halted the rise of lesser stars and, in doing so, provided an  example of the kind of man the world is willing to fall in love with, even against its better judgment.    Who is Arnold?    The question central to most biographies is, what is the nature of the subject? Who is this person, and  what does examining their life story reveal? Fantastic charts Schwarzenegger’s life from his boyhood in  Austria through the multi-stage career path that brought him to America and into its cultural elite. Along ...


She’s mostly remembered from her mouth-widening, viral clip showcasing her parent’s mansion in Runda sometime last year. The video offered a glimpse into the...

Life & Style

We lived in the Nairobi area with my parents and my three brothers. We studied by the city and later prospered. All my siblings...