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Is Kenya going to the Dogs as we Watch or it is bewitched and by who?

What can be done to Salvage Kenya as the ticking time bomb approaches?


The African Continent is endowed with sharp minds and intellect but lacks the capacity to tap into that goldmine of knowledge due to factors wittingly unbeknownst to them. It’s now several decades after independence to most African states but still their citizens wallow in abject poverty and preventable diseases while in their backyards they have potentials to feed their Countries for thousands of years without seeking help from anyone in the Western and Eastern Countries.

Africans are known to be hard working people but their labor is in vain without tapping the right intellectuals to lead them to realize their potential. Take for Example a Country like Kenya, which has the best Doctors, Engineers, Mathematicians et cetera but unfortunately a simple Railway construction can only be built by the people who fund the project (Chinese) who gave a condition that by the end of the Railway construction 5000 Chinese workers will have worked in the line from Mombasa to Nairobi. And to put salt on the wound that even people issuing tickets are Chinese Nationals by extension Kenyan Workers have been seen getting whipped by their Chinese Supervisors and nothing tangible has been done to rectify this situation.

The Railways which has an old style locomotive was constructed with a whooping $3.6 billion dwarfing the Ethiopian Standard Gauge Railway which is electric and covers almost the same distance. This is not news as Tanzanian Government has also started to Construct a longer one cutting across the Country to the Neighboring Country of Rwanda with a very minimal cost after cutting off the Chinese and hiring Turkey to undertake the Project.
So a simple question to Kenyans, why spend millions in the Universities to train Engineers who can’t even lay Water pipes from the source(dams) to the point of use?

Did the Chinese or Americans hire people from other continents to construct roads and Bridges for them? why can’t we start engaging our Engineers to start constructing feeder roads as exercise for bigger projects? It’s rumored that a Kenyan Engineer, by the name Nyabuto, was part of the Team who designed the Kigamboni -Nyerere Bridge.
The Rwandan President on the other side has embarked on a serious transformation to ensure the Country shun external influence and corruption to spur growth and Development.

The unfortunate fact is that Kenyan Members of Parliament are busy with 2022 presidential campaign caring nothing about the plight of the Common man who has been left like an abandoned market dog who is chased from every corner of the Market looking for food to feed his empty stomach which is evident by the protruding ribs and slump belly.
News about food contaminated with Carcinogens and alcoholic drinks laced with dangerous chemicals is not a serious problem. Hospitals are overwhelmed by patients of different kinds of ailments and lacks appropriate infrastructure to care of them and basic drugs. The ones with the basic infrastructure is very expensive and the only option is the poor patients to accept death as it creeps in.

Politicians have already drawn their support base to capture strategic positions in the next Governing structure and as per the norm their poor and myopic supporters will always listen to what they tell them and will employ all means whether crude to ensure they win in the general elections and remain in power and the cycle will continue till Jesus comes if something is not done.
Every sector is crying form the Judiciary, Police, Education just to name a few who are claiming that the Treasury is not giving them the full support they need to achieve their goals in service delivery.

The recent launch of Building bridges initiative is yet to take shape and maybe might be a solution to imbalance in Government appointments and historical injustice which is another cancer bedeviling the Nation.

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