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Itchy Right Palm: Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, Red, Female, Superstition, Treatment & Remedies

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What is itchy right palm meaning? What are the possible causes of itchy palm?

Does the various superstition behind itchy usually itching is not a disease hold water?

Let`s explore in details itchy right palm meaning, causes and ways to get rid of this incommodious condition.

Usually, itching itself is not a disease but can be a symptom of veiled health conditions ranging from mild to severe. “Itchy palms are a common symptom of a variety of disorders,” confirms There is wide range of factors that can result to itching anywhere in your body. The causes can be the same but some would tend to be specific. Now, we recommend that you should not scratch the affected area though I know this would be very difficult however you should seek medical intervention from your dermatologist.

Itchy Right Palm Meaning

Itching is a skin condition that results in irritation and very uneasy sensation on your skin. This condition can occur anywhere in your body and will tend to develop the urge to scratch the affected area. In our case itchy right palm, following our extensive research, we discovered that the right-hand itching is common than left hand itching.

If we are not wrong, we deem this possible because many people around the globe are right-handed and their hand usually get exposed to various irritants and allergens. firms up that, “This symptom is often present at the level of the right palm, as this is the dominant hand.” If you are left-handed then your left pal may itch more often than right palm as far as irritants and allergens are concerned.

But again, apart from the medical meaning of itchy palm, there are also lots of superstition about it. We`ll review some of the common itchy palms superstitions later in this article.

Itchy Right Palm Symptoms

Symptoms of the itchy right palm will depend on the underlying causes. They can range from mild to moderate to severe. Now, it would be a brilliant idea to intervene the symptoms at their early stages otherwise the symptoms be very dreadful. So, here are the symptoms you can experience alongside itchy right palm:

  • Your right palm may become red
  • You may experience right palm inflammation
  • The skin of right pal may become dry
  • You may experience pealing palm
  • You palm would become flaky
  • Small bumps may appear on your right hand palm

The symptoms mentioned above are not enough, in some cases, your itchy right palm may accompany other severe or life-threatening symptoms. Such symptoms usually demand immediate medical attention. So, the following symptoms should be treated in an emergency setting if they emerge alongside itchy right palm.

  • Palm cracking
  • Bleeding palm
  • Severe rash
  • Hives
  • Extreme burning sensation
  • Small leaking blisters

Note this, what you can consider a mild itchy palm should vanish not more than 3 hours. When this time limit is exceeded, please let your dermatologist aware about the matter.

What Causes itchy Palms on the Right Hand?

As we had mentioned before, itchy palms result from varied pools of factors of health conditions. Actually, there are over 50 causes related to itchy palms however in this section, we are going to explore the common causes that can result to itchy right hand.

1.  Right Itchy Palms and Allergies

An allergic reaction can arise from various factors. Some are allergic to some foods, certain medication allergies have the potential to make your palm itch like hell! Allergic reactions usually occur when your body immune system tend to fight back a foreign substance in your body-the skin would release histamines that would lead to rashes on your skin.

2.  Itchy Palms Dry Skin

Many things can make your hands or rather palms to be dry. These may be irritants, harsh weather, and exposure to extreme sunlight, hot baths or if you don’t moisturize your hand frequently. Dry palm is linked to skin inflammation, flaking and even peeling.

3.  Itchy Palm Infections

Infections on the hands can be another cause of itchy right palm. Common infections include bacterial infection and fungal infections. Infections are usually associated with inflammation or itchiness, therefore, this is another cause for itch palm.

4.  Diabetes and itchy Right Hand

Diabetes is another condition that medical experts say can result to itchy palms. This is when your body has a frenzied amount of sugar in the blood. Apart from itching in various parts of the body, there are more symptoms that diabetic people can experience. The related itch may disappear as soon as the blood sugar level is stabilized.

5.  Sexual Transmitted Diseases

Itchy palms can also bean early symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease. Common linked STDs with itchy palms are syphilis. When this disease is discovered, the treat should be administered as soon as possible. Safe or protected sex is also advocated for.

6.  Is It Scabies?

According to, “Scabies is a condition of the skin that is known to be very itchy due to increased bumps all over the skin.” This condition result from an infestation of mite that penetrates the palm and thus causing infection. This condition and be managed at home or by applying some over the counter topical or oral treatments.

7.  Nutritional Abnormalities

Deficiency in certain crucial nutrients in your body could lead to itchy right palm. The symptoms can develop anywhere in your body and may later spread to your palms. On the other hand, an overdose of some nutrients can also lead to the same issue. For instance, if you take too much vitamin B6 in your diet then you are equally vulnerable to itchy palms. See your nutritionist for best dietary advice.

8.  Other Causes of Itchy Right Palm

Apart from the above-explained causes of itch palm, below are more conditions and factors that can also be blamed for itchy right palm.

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
  • Thyroid problems
  • You can also have itchy palms if you have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  • Stress and depression
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Disorders of internal body organs such as liver or kidney

It is important to bear in mind that all the above causes can also lead to left hand itching.

Red Itchy Palms

If you have red itchy right palms, then you may be having a condition called palmar erythema. This condition is very common during pregnancy following the intense hormonal shifts in this stage. It can also be influenced by genetics as well. Other causes include diabetes medications or liver problems.

Now, red itchy palm causes may be very difficult to diagnose at home, we, therefore, recommend you see your GP for an accurate diagnosis to determine the underlying cause. This would enhance efficiency and better treatments.

Right Hand Itching Female

As we have laid out, general body itching is a common condition during pregnancy. During this particular period, there is surge in the levels of certain hormones that may lead to dry palm or have other potentials to cause itching.

Apart from the hormonal problem associated with pregnancy, all the causes we had mentioned above mean above can also have hand in this-right hand itching female. Should there be any extreme symptoms, please see your medical professional immediately.

Right Palm Itching Superstition

Does itchy right palm mean money? Or rather which hand itching means money? Regarding all the superstitions of all the old wives tales regarding itchy palm, am going to share with you one famous itchy palm superstition. Some societies believe that itchy right palm means money in while itchy left palm means money out. What can you say about this? Does it really hold water?

Well, medical experts don’t regard itchy hand money superstitions and other more related itching superstitions, instead, they warn that itching can be symptoms of a severe health condition and thus medical procedures should be employed during the initials stages. In short, the itchy palm money superstition does not make sense at all!

Treatments and Remedies for Itchy Right Palm

If you want to treat or relieve itch palm, you must in the first place know the undying causes. There are many treatment options that could be applied to heal itchy right palm. For mild itchy palm, certain natural home products or over the counter drug may be beneficial. Let`s see some of the common medications that can be used to treat itchy tight hand:

  • Oral and topical antibiotics can apply for itchy palm infection
  • Antihistamines treatments can be used for allergies or generally eczema
  • Corticosteroids can also be used with other medications to heal itchy palms
  • Immune-suppressing medications can also be used to treat conditions such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and others
  • For more severe itching of palms, some surgical procedures may be applied.

See Your Dermatologist

Itchy palms often tend to be humble, however, if you’re itching don’t heal within a few hours, please see your GP. You also need to consult your dermatologist if the symptoms still persist or aggravate besides application of OTC drugs or home remedies such as aloe vera, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice etc. Remember, the itchy palm can just be symptoms of severe veiled medical conditions in your body, therefore early treatment is crucial.

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