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Plane Carrying 196 Passengers Burst into Flames Shortly After Landing in Egypt




A plane carrying 196 passengers on Wednesday November 13 burst into flames shortly after landing at Sharm el Sheikh Airport in Egypt.

A plane carrying 196 passengers on Wednesday, November 13, burst into flames shortly after landing at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport in Egypt.

Preliminary reports alleged that the cause of the flames could be due to the hydraulic fluid of the Boeing 737-800 leaking on the hot brakes of the plane resulting in the left landing gear to burst into flames

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No injuries or fatality was reported on the 196 passengers and n7 crew members after reports indicated that a rescue team safely evacuated them.

An emergency team was swiftly deployed to put out the fire, which succeeded after a few minutes.

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The Egyptian civil aviation ministry echoed the professionals on the ground who managed to prevent the fire from spreading.

The plane is own by Ukrainian Airline SkyuUp which was launched in 2016

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