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What Young Women Dating Sponsors Go Through

It is most women’s dream to have a lavish lifestyle. Sometimes, most young ladies are not able to get that kind of a life. To have this, they go for this older men. Nonetheless, most of this men are married.

Dating an older man comes with a lot of risks. Most stories have always ended tragic.

What do this women mostly want?

Social media plat forms have really given ladies sleepless nights. Peer pressure has forced young ladies to find a way of getting money effortlessly. You have probably seen young women in their 20s in five star hotels, beaches and flying from country to country. This is the kind of lifestyle they want.

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About the sponsors

Well, most sponsors are married men. This means that for those young women dating them, communication will be one way. It is for the ‘sponsor’ to call you, not you to call them.

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Consequently, dating sponsor can be risky. When a woman asks for more than he can offer, she can be eliminated. Sponsors would always replace you at any moment they want.

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When it comes to exposing the secret affair you are having, you would end up dead.

However, most ladies would get pregnant to get a bigger share of what they usually get. Some use pregnancy as manipulation but it does not always end up well. No sponsor allows you to carry their child under any circumstance.

Aside from that, ladies who date sponsors do not have freedom walking around with them. This sounds unfair but sponsors care less about that.

Men are always jealous. A sponsor has a wife but if you are having an affair with him, you are not supposed to be having a boyfriend.

On the other hand, most women who date sponsors usually do not end up getting married. This is because they are used to sponsors and no young man is capable of financing their needs. At the end, they end up getting old and desparate for young men.

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