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Coronavirus Kills 97 People in One Day, Infections Stabilizes




Coronavirus Kills 97 People in One Day Infections Stabilizes

KDRTV has confirmed reports that Coronavirus on Sunday, February 9, killed 97 people-the highest number of casualties registered in a day in China

The death toll in China due to Coronavirus has risen to 908, however, the number of people being affected per day has stabilized

The number of infection in China is 40, 171 while 187, 518 are under medicare

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Reports indicate that the World Health Organization (WHO) has sent a team of a medical expert to help in investigating the new virus that was considered a global emergency by the healthy body

Chinese authorities have confirmed that 3, 281 patients have been cured and allowed to go home

However, on Monday, many Chinese returned to work after the Lunar New Year break, which was extended from 31 January allow time to halt the virus

It is reported that over the weekend, the number of deaths surpassed that of SARS in 2oo3 which also originated in China and killed 774 people worldwide

WHO said on Saturday that the new cases of Coronavirus were stabilizing however warned that it is too early to say if the virus has peaked

The world health body on Sunday sent a team to help with the outbreak of the disease

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The Coronavirus was declared a global emergency by WHO on 30 January.

KDRTV understands that Coronavirus which originated from China has also spread to other countries in the world including the USA.


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