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Five Foods You Should Never Miss In Your Diet

What you take in has either positive or negative effect on you. There will never be just one food to cater for all what you need in your body as a man.

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Foods that men take play a major role on them either physically and mentally. Most men tend to overlook a certain food. However, here are list of five foods that men should never miss in their diet.

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Skinless poultry

These are skinless chicken breast which are cut from the chest of a bird without tenderloin.

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This is a heart- friendly food that men should take. Men are about twice likely to have heart attack than ladies.


Garlic is known to reduce blood pressure and improves a man’ s cholestral level. Nonetheless, garlic also promotes male fertility and also boosts sperm count. Always try as much as possible to have garlic in your food.

Fatty fish

Once in a while, men should try as much as possible to eat atleast 500 grams of fatty fish in a week. This is one of the healthiest foods for men. Fatty fish includes sardines, tuna and salmon. They also protect men against heart diseases which is a top killer disease.


Milk and yogurt

In most adverts, it is very hard to find men taking yogurt. This does not mean that as a man you should not be taking yogurt. Milk and yogurt have a number of benefit to a man’ s health.

Yogurt is known to boost men health on bed, improve digestion in those men with digestive problems and it builds muscles for men

Yogurt has also proved to combat obesity.

Cherries photo courtesy daily sabah


Gout affect more men than women. Cherries are so powerful in combating gout. Men should atleast eat ten cherries a day on a regular basis. Cherries are very delicious and it has pigment that have anthocyanins.

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