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Ladies, This Is What The Shape Of Your Butt Says About Your Health

female butt shapes

(KDRTV) – Modern lifestyle trends have had a serious effect on the shapes of various women’s bums. Most women nowadays prefer driving and being driven around. They have dedicated very little time to walking and doing regular exercises to maintain their bodies. Go through this article and learn what the shape of your butt says about the status of your health and general well being.

Squared or H-shaped Butt

This bum shape is very common and it comes from either high hip bones or a bit of extra fat in the love handle region. Love handles are the areas of skin that protrude outwards from the hips. This can make one’s derriere look flat rather than giving it the more coveted round look that is considered attractive. Ladies with this shape need to do a lot of squats so as to improve their shape.

The O-shaped Bum

If a lady has this butt shape, it means there is more fat storage in the upper parts of their butt muscles.

Many people find women with this shape somehow attractive. A few butt muscle strengthening exercises can make one have this shape. Gym trainers can advise better on how to go about such exercises.

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The A-Shaped butt

This is also known as the heart-shaped bum and it is usually fullest at the bottom and is smaller at the top. This shape simply means that there is more fat stored in the upper thighs. This is very common in younger women with more estrogen and many people find it very appealing to them. It is important to note that as a woman becomes older, the fats move to the mid-section as the shape gradually disappears.

The V-Shaped butt

After losing a significant amount of estrogen, most ladies spot this shape. That is why it is very common among elderly women. Such ladies have more fat stored in the abdomen and the mid-section. It will take a lot of exercises to prevent this type of butt from sagging, a condition that most ladies do not like.

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