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Five Things A Narcissist Will Never Tell You

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images 46

Narcissists are always self-centred kind of people. Being with such kind of a person can be a hurdle. However, one should not hesitate to leave them when need be.

Nonetheless, there are few things a narcissist will never tell you. They will always keep them as a secret to their advantage.

They will not change for you

A narcissists hardly change for a person. All his or her thoughts are always about them. If they change for you,  they will not feel how important they are. Do not expect a narcissist to change for you. Neither can you can you change them.

They don’t love you, they are  taking advantage of you

It is clear that narcissist always want someone whom they can take advantage of. They already know you love them and that you cannot love yourself as much as you love them. It is their happiness when they feel loved and they cannot regret not loving you.

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It is their joy when you are feeling insecure

When you feel insecure, they already know they have trapped you. They very well know that you cannot do without them and your importance depends on them.

Your attention makes them feel special

Giving them attention makes them feel special. They will keep on pressuring you to keep on loving them and give them all the time until you forget about yourself.

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They won’t give you attention but they will want your attention.

You will not know your powers

Narcissist will not let a person know how powerful they are. Consequently, knowing your own power will render them helpless.

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