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My name Is Joshua 36 years of age and living in Nairobi. I was much attracted to the male gender and I did not find anything wrong with my nature. I had been given the task to be training students in a certain international university in Nairobi. I short I was the swimming instructor. I really dealt with the huge boys in this case. Many were the times I molested them as I was a gay. I would touch their sexual organs in the sauna after they had gone to warm themselves. I met a student who I won’t mention who was a gay and I took the advantage where we became friends. We would romance inside the sauna when the other student were not seeing


We really enjoyed the company of each other through this. I would entice him with gifts for romance. At time I gave him free marks as a way to lure him to love me at large. This went for a very long time without anyone noticing. Despite being a gay I had a wife and a child but really I did not enjoy sex with a female gender and so I opted to have relationship with the male gender for they had an awesome test as per me. One day we happened to have our usual moment with my gay student and things really went amiss. He complained of pain really much.  I was a worried man as if his parents took him for a check-up then that would be the end of me.


After sometimes the student was taken for a medical check-up and really he was found to be infected in his anal area. He also tested positive to have been having anal sex. The parents were so much amused and really they wanted to know who the culprit was capable of molesting their son. They even came to the institution to seek clarification who was having some gay practices with their son. I never revealed myself for this was a direct ticket to prison.  After a week sources told me that the parents had gone to seek help from a certain herbalist called Dr Mugwenu. Three days later I started having some pains in my manhood. I even had no time for daily swimming classes this time round. As time went by, things like flies came out of my penis which was an indication that the herbalist work was really true.


I was finally found to be the culprit behind molesting the young man due to my gay urge. They later referred me to Dr Mugwenu as I had to pay an amount of 45,000 shillings to get relieve. I sold my vehicle to raise the money. The institution sacked me and that’s how I stopped gay practices. Dr Mugwenu later helped me find another job at a foreign hotel in Nairobi. He ensures you win cases in the court and you get justice any particular time. Through him you can solve land wrangles at any moment. Do not let life problems disturb you while Dr Mugwenu is round. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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