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How I was introduced to gay practice while studying in the US


I am Bramwell 28 years old. Academically I was so much prosperous and I had a scholarship to the USA for further studies in law. I’m coming from Malindi on the coastal part of Kenya. Life in the USA was really enjoyable. At the university in the USA, I joined cocoons of my other black student for I really did not feel comfortable associating with the whites. Many of these groups did practices like gay and that’s when I was introduced by one of my friends. I met a guy from Kenya and due to the anxiety of having someone from my native country we became friends as we even started living together. It was not a bad thing in the USA since gays had their rights and privileges.


We really enjoyed the company of each other many times. As days went we would have the usual anal sex with the help of body lotion oils. We were not ashamed for people in the country really were practicing and so we were not an exception. My parents back at home knew I there so was really studying hard and he would come back as an extinguished lawyer. I have been having this relationship with Waweru my gay partner for a while and life was just cool. Time reached to go for a holiday back at home and really I had informed my parents I had a wife to disclose to them.


They were excited where they all waited for me at the airport to meet my new wife.  Maybe they had thought that I had got engaged with a white lady who was going to be their daughter in law. They all waited and we came out of the plane with my gay partner. I told them he was my wife they had really been waiting for a long time. I had never seen my mum so much amused like that day. They both ordered the police to arrest us. Gays had no right in the country and so we were in trouble with my lover. We thought we were being taken to the police station but we found ourselves at Dr. Mugwenu’s office. My parents told the herbalist to do some rituals to cleanse us for the practice was opposite to our cultural norms. Dr. Mugwenu without wasting time he did the rituals to free our mind from any form of gay practice.


We were really relieved and it was shameful to even face my parents. That was the end of my gay life through the help of Dr. Mugwenu. I later got back to the USA to finish my studies where I married a white wife. I really applaud Dr. Mugwenu for his help. He ensures your beauty glows by enabling you to remove acne on your face through the help of herbal medication. He further helps many men with penis enlargement problems feel as men as he ensures everything is sorted. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail 


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