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Sad woman
Sad woman

A daughter who was attracted to her father has revealed how they had oral sex after she discovered she also had incestuous feelings for her dad. Vivian 27-year-old from Nairobi shared her shocking story. She related how her biological father wanted to have sex with her from the first moment he laid her eyes on him. They had met for the first time when she was 19 years of age. Vivian says that their oral sex where later they descended to a whirlwind of self-hate and disgust and dry heaving over the toilet in the bathroom attached to his room.


What made Vivian had sex with her dad is she had been studying abroad and when she came in her dad and mum had parted ways. She had the feeling of making her dad happy and so having sex with him was the only solution at this particular point. She had been in the USA for quite some time this was the time for a holiday. She had never met her dad before as the time she was going to the USA the two parents had parted ways. This was led due to the excitement of seeing her dad for the first time. Her dad would offer her some special meals and she saw the only way to give back to him is to let him munch her raw.


After sometimes as she says she was a victim of her dad’s sexual desires plus she felt a victim of her sexual feelings. She later came to find what she was doing was really antisocial behavior. It really affected her and even at some point she never wanted to get back to school since psychologically she was affected. She later shared this experience with her mum. Her mum still could not believe this happened for according to the African norms this was obscene behavior that should be condemned plus traditional rituals were to be done to cleanse her. Her mum took her to Dr. Mugwenu a renowned herbalist who she was referred to by a friend. Vivian was cleansed by Dr. Mugwenu and now she was a free person. This also made her mum and dad get back together as couples through the help of Dr. Mugwenu.  Many are the time many people undergo similar experiences but tend to fear to speak out for assistance where their activities later haunt them.


Dr. Mugwenu is always an extinguished herbalist who ensures your problems are sorted out despite how huge they may be. His treatment works within 24 hours, unlike other herbalists who may tend to be fraudsters.  He treats various diseases like cancer, fibroids, and fistula among women. He ensures your property is protected from any harm as he ensures your enemies do not do things like stealing from you. Do not hesitate to contact him when is a problem. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail [email protected] or visit for more.


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