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Mr. Okwaro whose life has been associated with rampant use of drugs narrated how he had a 10-year sexual relationship with her own blood daughter. He used to work at a certain security company after which he ventured into self-employment as today he is a businessman. As he narrated, he once saw her daughter Nelima changing her clothes inside his bedroom and that’s when he knew she was really a grown-up woman. His deep engagement in the use of drugs was brought by the fact that his wife died a very long time ago and he used drugs such as bhang to feel high to avoid remembering the beautiful moments he had with his wife.


He said it was the effect of bhang that made him be attracted to his daughter most of the time. It was really something that shocked many people as the two had a two-year-old son who was as a result of this consensual sexual relationship. Mr. Okwaro who was speaking as he shed tears wanted revival as many people had considered him a social outcast and someone who really deserved death. As he said people had planned to even kill him for such behavior was not acceptable in their community. As Mr. Okwaro narrated, he wanted to have peace of mind plus end the relationship with her daughter through cleansing rituals that would have been important.


The story really sold a lot as many journalists from various media stations had come to get first-hand information concerning Mr. Okwaro’s case. A well-wisher took him to Dr. Mugwenu for some cleansing rituals which were to ensure Okwaro life was back to normality despite having incestuous activity with his own daughter. He was attended together with her daughter who he had made his wife. As he said Dr. Mugwenu had given him some peace of mind through the rituals. He never felt like he had ever had a relationship with her daughter at any time.


As time went by, Okwaro became an activist who really fought on such incestuous cases that happened in society. So many children are subjected to such behavior by their close relatives but in most of the case due to the fear factor, they tend to keep quiet for fear. Dr. Mugwenu helps you solve these problems where he will ensure a good relationship with your children and not a sexual relationship at any particular time. Dr. Mugwenu treatment occurs within 24 hours as results would have shown themselves, unlike other fake herbalists who at some point may fraud you some cash. He treats sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea among others just in three days. Do not hesitate to call him when in need. He is the most popular herbalist in the East African region when it comes to casting hex spells, black magic spells among others just to mention. He also treats diseases such as syphilis, diabetes among others just in three days for his work has been proved to be the best through testimonials on the website. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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