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My name is Vero 23 years of age. We lived together with my both parent s in Buruburu Nairobi County. We were two daughters in our family of two siblings. I happened to my dad’s favorite for he really liked me a lot compared to my elder sister. My dad took my elder sister to a boarding school and decides I was to school in a day school for he really wanted me to be close to her. My mother had much time complained of how my dad favored me a lot compared to my sister despite us being children of the same blood. I really wondered what my dad was up to. Every end month he bought new dresses and other enticing things for me while leaving my sister.


This really brought enmity between me and my sister. After some time my dad started asking me how I really felt when she did so much favor for me and in most cases, I applauded him. one day as my mother had gone to visit my aunt who lived in Mombasa my dad bashed inside our bedroom. I was wearing a nightdress and really I was shocked for I really wondered what he wanted. He sat on the bed and he started proposing to me. I felt weird for I never imagined my dad would do such a thing. He told me he was really in love with my personality as his daughter. I was left dumb at this particular time for my dad proposing to me was such an incestuous moment.


That night we never had any form of sex but he was really demanding as he had even gone to a point of caressing my breast. I did not like that. When my mum was back I never shared to her the story for I feared maybe a bad wrangle would erupt between the two. I kept it a secret and no one really knew it. As time went by my dad was so much demanding to have sex with me. For this reason, I had to leave the house where I went to live with my aunt whom I shared the experience with. I really did not want to break the good relationship with my dad and so my aunt took me to Dr. Mugwenu for help at least to ensure my dad did not have such sexual instincts toward me. Dr. Mugwenu attended us and three days after I went back home, my dad did not have sexual urges for me. He later apologized to me secretly and I forgave him. The usual daughter relationship was back. I really thank Dr. Mugwenu for his help. Mugwenu doctors also solve daily life problems such as marriage wrangles, witchcraft-related activities among other things that may seem to be ruining your life. They also treat various diseases like cancer; high blood pressure among others just in a span of three days for their work has been proved to be the best in the East Africa region by many. Do not hesitate to call them when in need. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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