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My name is Stephen a business person in Nairobi. Just like any other person, I had my own preferences in life and I chose to be a gay. I met my gay lover Webby back in 2018 and we decided to make things lit in our gay life. Just like any other relationship we never felt to have some weird feelings. My partner was huge with a lot of muscles as he was a gym instructor still in Nairobi. We would go to strip clubs in town and most of the times we walked together. Many were the times that we even posted photos on our social media platforms kissing and caressing each other. We never saw if it was really a big deal.


We had been living together for eight months now and my lover started becoming so violent. As any other marriage we were subject to domestic violence. Now you can really imagine domestic violence between men. Things were really tough as we would fight for hours and that night we would not enjoy conjugal rights anymore. I was so much carried away by gay practices and I never at some point thought that I would live a life without it. Despite constant fights we still romanced. Most of these fights were as a result of more alcohol we used to take in clubs especially on the weekends.


As time went by, I started imagining how rich I was and being a gay I would not be able to get a child and no one would inherit my property plus when I died that would be the end of my generation. This really affected my thoughts and at some point I would even tell myself I was really going the opposite requirement of the natural law. The problem is that how would I quit yet being a gay had taken the whole of my life. I was up to it despite what came my way. I started looking for help from various people including the church members of the clergy but many had even developed some fear and really they did not help as things went amiss especially when I disclosed to them I was gay by then. Suicide was my next move but I kept telling myself it was not the solution plus my wealth will have no one to manage if I had to kill myself.


Through Dr Mugwenu who I was introduced by my friend provided me with a lifetime solution. Through his herbal cleansing rituals I was out of gay for life. I have never at any particular time developed interest of becoming a gay at any particular time. I really thank Dr Mugwenu for now I have even married and living together with my wife Sheila and one kid. He is the best herbalist in the East African region for many testimonials have revealed really people have been able to get life solutions to many challenges that had been a menace in their life.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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