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My name is Elizabeth from Bungoma County. I had a daughter who was my only kid. She was really a grown-up lady who was at the ages of exhibiting her beauty. Most of the time I would go for seminars and I would leave my husband at home with my daughter for I was a bishop at a certain church in the town. Many were the times I had been suspecting my husband’s behavior as he sometimes had so many relationships with other women. My daughter was so close to my husband and most of the time she never wanted to spend a lot of time with me as her mum. This was because I was prone to castigating her each time she would do anything wrong.


As time went by, I had suspected this kind of love between my husband and my daughter. It really worried me a lot for other times they would hug and spend a lot of time chanting in the sitting room as I was listening from our bedroom. I did not take so much caution at that particular time but I assumed it was just the normal relationship a child was having with her dad and nothing obscene was from such affection. As time went by my daughter told me how she really loved her dad. She was now 25 years and when I served food before my husband was home she would not eat. I never suspected anything as I did not want to be an evil mother.


One day as I had happened to forget the Bible in the room I went back to pick it. On arriving in the house, there were some unusual sounds that came from our bedroom. The sounds seemed of a lady enjoying sex. She said “Go on daddy go on daddy” when I opened the door to our bedroom it was my daughter being nailed by my husband her biological dad. This was a clear indication that the two had some relationship there before. I really screamed and they were all ashamed as people came to witness what was really going on. The crowd was really in our compound and they all knew what had happened. One of the people in the crowd told me to seek ritual help from Dr. Mugwenu for her husband had once had the same problem but since meeting the herbalist everything changed.


My husband was so ashamed and he really was nowhere to be found at home. I took my daughter to Dr. Mugwenu. She was attended to and relieved from the guilt from haunting her in the future. After some months she was married.  Were it not for Dr. Mugwenu my daughter would not even be married for she was considered an outcast in society for having slept with her dad. Dr. Mugwenu solves marriage problems, he casts various spells among them hex spells, black magic spells just to mention a few. Visit him in case you got a problem. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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