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sad woman
sad woman

We lived in the Nairobi area with my parents and my three brothers. We studied by the city and later prospered. All my siblings got jobs since academically we were blessed. My parents were extremely rich and they had acquired a 50 acre land in Karen estate where they dwelt. The place was so precious for every top government official who lived there.

Since the top political class lived by the estate, they began showing interest in our land. Its strategic location in Nairobi really favored its value. It was approximately 950 million Kenyan shillings putting in mind it was in Nairobi County, especially in Karen estate where the rich Kenyan class lived. My parents started having phone calls to threaten them to walk out of the land. I really felt sorry for them since they were aging. My dad at that time was roughly78 years while my mum was 73 years so disturbing such old fellows would have even caused them some harm to their health.

My dad started to have signs of blood pressure and was in the hospital when things became even worse than before. My mum on the other hand would not sustain all this pressure impounded on to them by the greedy political class who cannot be mention in this article but really was the top most persons in the government communication department so he had all the guts to threaten us. My parents were rich but not as that government official so they did not want to bother him that much given that those times when you collided with a government official, he would send you six feet underground for they had the machinery.

My parents were in now a quagmire and did not know what to do. My elder brother, who was a lawyer at the city and renowned law firm, filed a case to seek justice for our land. We attended court sessions for a while and the judge kept on insisting that the case hearing session had been moved to other days. We did not lose hope as we wanted the court order to barricade the tycoon from grabbing our parent’s piece of land. All our court sessions were postponed for at least three months. This time around all the judges set for hearing our case stepped down for they feared the top government official and a tycoon would threaten their lives at any given time.

My dad had been now discharged from the hospital. Things became tougher as the tycoon compulsively increased his rate of threatening my parents to leave the land and move away. He even sends police officers from his office to put more tension on my parents. One day we woke up with breaking news that a lawyer had just been killed by unknown people who the police were still tracing. It was my brother. Other journalists said maybe he was killed for being a lawyer of the old couple who had a land tussle. It was really painful. Since I was also a journalist it was difficult to report my elder brother’s death. A week later, we laid him to rest.

Mugwenu doctors whom we had been introduced to by a family friend called us as they told us they had a lifetime solution. We visited these herbalist offices and they assured us that we were to get justice. We returned home and the following day the tycoon was arrested where he was ordered to pay us money and at the same time he was sentenced for life. Mugwenu doctors treat various forms of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer among other cancer varieties. They also solve various life challenges like ending long time domestic violence by providing guidance and counseling to the involved couples at any particular time. For consultations call +2540740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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