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Why It Is A Bad Idea To Depend Too Much On Your Partner

Depending on your partner is not a bad idea. However, when it becomes too much, it will not end well.

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Couples can always sit down and talk about how they can split responsibility. It is not always good for one partner to be doing everything alone.

Here are some of the reasons depending on your partner can be a bad idea.

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Your partner will get bored of you

When you depend too much on your partner, he will eventually get not be excited about you. If you cannot offer anything else on a relationship, he will eventually get bored of you. It shows you show no effort in your relationship.

They will devalue you

Your importance will nolonger be seen in that relationship. Always see what you can offer in a relationship so that you do not loose your value.

You will not know your selfworth

A person depending on one partner will not know his or her worth since he is used to getting support from his partner. Depending on yourself will enable you discover your potential and know what you can do on your own.

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It will be hard to do things on your own

Over dependency on your partner will make you lazy. You will not know how to do and manage things on your own. Even when you later get your own money, you will lack knowledge of accounting and managing your own funds.

Your happiness will depend on them

Without them, you will not be happy. Your happiness will solely depend on what they offer you in return. Without their support, you will feel less loved and sad. However, it will be hard to know if you love them or what they offer you.

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