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Why Kenyan Men Think Women In This Careers Don’t Make Good Wives


(KDRTV)-1. Journalist

Women from these careers don’t make good wives because all men are eyeing them given their fame and the kind of personality they display on TV or radio. Somehow their marriages don’t work because they know that there is a man out there better than you that is giving everything to have her. That is why women like Betty Kyalo or Lilian Muli were not able to keep their marriages.

2. Musician

Musicians are always not in the house, they are out there in clubs and shows entertaining people. They really don’t have time for their families and in the course of chasing paper out there, they end up cheating with their promoters. Most of them also do take alcohol and their crew takes advantage of them when they are drunk. These women will never respect you as a man or be submissive to you because they have more money and fame than you.

3. Doctors

These women are never in the house, they don’t have a social life. Even on holidays like Christmas, you will find them on duty. Some of them take advantage of their nature of work to cheat like for example, they can lie that to have gone for a night duty while in reality, they went to see another man.

A doctor has properly gone to school and be assured that there is nothing you can tell her.

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4. Lawyer

Lawyers are very rude, they believe in gender balance and they will never be submissive to you, instead, they will assign you chores because they know everything the law says. She will take advantage of her knowledge in law to threaten and manipulate you into submission. If you marry a lawyer, be sure that you will never get old together.

5. Politician

Just like Doctors, politicians are never at home. They are always in meetings and traveling to various places around the world. These people are referred to as honorable members, which means even her husband has to give her the respect she deserves. She will never cook for or do your laundry and they tend to cheat a lot with fellow politicians while you are busy sleeping at home.

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