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Uproar as Woman Allegedly Sets Car on Fire, Burns Husband to Ashes




Wreackage of the Burnt Verhicle

Wednesday was a normal morning for Terrence Korir, an employee of a bank in Westlands. Korir entered his car at around 8:30 AM ready to go to work but he didn’t leave the parking lot.

He was burnt beyond recognition after his vehicle mysteriously caught fire. According to police reports, the car Bonnet caught fire immediately the 36 year old ignited it. Naturally, the first thing anyone does when a car catches fire is to jump out of the vehicle.

It is not clear how the resident of of Mai Mahiu Court on Katulo Road in Buruburu could not jump out of the vehicle and burnt to ashes,

Social media is now awash with reports that Korir could have been set on fire by his wife, only identified as 29-year-old Ruth Wanjiru. It is not clear why Ruth would burn the father of her two children.

Of course, there is another version to this story. There are claims that our friend Korir could have committed suicide in the vehicle. But if it is suicide, why make it so cruel? Like we said earlier, this was not a normal accident.

We hope detectives will get to the bottom of the matter.



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