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”BBI is illegal and unconstitutional,”Miguna says.

Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta are liars

Miguna fist high
Miguna fist high

KDRTV-From the onset, Kenyan exiled Lawyer living in Canada, Dr. Miguna Miguna, has been a vocal critic regarding the handshake between the ODM leader Raila Odinga and president Uhuru Kenyatta claiming that the pact was just another means to help the people in power steal public funds.

Miguna tweeted ”The person who has grabbed millions of acres of land belonging to people of coast is Uhuru Kenyatta and his family. The Kenyattas must return all the land they have grabbed to the people before you try to deceive Kenyans at the BBI in Mombasa” Clearly showing his disapproval of the Building Bridges Initiative crusade as  a means of amending the constitution.

Speaking to the K24’s punchline, lawyer Miguna termed the BBI as”Illegal and Flawed”.

”BBI is illegal and unconstitutional. They are just looting public resources. What law allowed two people to set up a committee and handpick individuals to spearhead the constitution amendment process?”he questioned.

The National Revolutionary Movement confirmed that the issues the Building Bridges Initiative seeks to work on had already been identified a few years ago by at least three commissions which are The waki commissions, the krigler commissions and the truth and justice and reconciliation commissions.

Speaking from Toronto, Canada, Miguna deeply expressed his regret on how the three commissions have been unsuccessful in fully implementing their recommendations till date.

Miguna explained that the three commissions were formed by the government as an undertaking geared to look into the 2007 general elections.

Established in February 2008, the waki commission was put in place to tackle the clashes following the post election violence in 2007.

The krigler commission ,also created in 2008, served as an international commission of inquiry to look into the 2007 general election.

Human rights abuse, economic crimes, illegal acquisition of land,marginalization of communities and ethic violence were problems investigated by the truth justice and reconciliation commission.

For an amendment to this constitution to be made, it may be proposed by a popular initiative which may be in the form of a general suggestion or formulated draft bill that should be signed by at least one million registered voters and a bill to amend the constitution should be introduced in any house of parliament.

”Neither of these two processors was followed in the BBI. If the process is not transparent and not owned by the people, it is forced on Kenyans then it cannot be legitimate,” the ex-lawyer explained.

He urges Kenyans not to be victims of leaders who have no regard for the law.

Miguna accused President Kenyatta as a mealymouthed who can’t be trusted in what he says.


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