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BREAKING NEWS: CJ Maraga To Uphold Uhuru “Win”, Smokin to Betray Kenyans





Even as Supreme Court is set to rule on the Presidential petition challenging Uhuru’s “victory” Kenya-today projects a tie which will automatically see the legalization of Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory on 26th October.

In my view, Justice Smokin Wanjala might betray Kenyans after being influenced by the powers that be. As a result, the result will be
3 against 3.

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Nota bene: (This is just my prediction and not factual)

Justice Wanjala might go for stomach infrastracture and not Kenyans. His body language gives him away.

CJ Maraga, Deputy CJ Mwilu and Justice Ibrahim will stick to the truth and remain uncompromised. On the other hand, Justice Ndungu and Justice Ojwang will remain solid in Uhuru’s side.

Time will tell but history will be kind to us some day for we intend to rewrite it.

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