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Doctor Hospitalized After Attending to Patient who Died.

M.P Shah Hospital
M.P Shah Hospital

A doctor at MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi is battling influenza after attending to a sick patient who later died.

Influenza is commonly referred to as flu caused by influenza virus and gets transmitted within approximately two days after exposure.

The doctor who is currently in a stable condition, is believed to have treated and taken care of a patient in the ICU unit, but later succumbed.

It was until then that he started showing signs and symptoms similar to the influenza disease including fever, cold, muscle pains and feeling extremely exhausted.

At first, he thought they were just normal flu like symptoms that would subside with drugs but the situation became worse.

He was rushed to hospital and put in stable condition.

The sources at the hospital revealed that the doctor together with his colleague began showing those symptoms a day after a boy they were taking care of at the ICU had died.

It did not take long to diagnose the disease as the samples from the boy’s tests revealed he had the virus before his death.

One of the doctor’s colleague was in such a bad state that he had to be quarantined from the rest of the group and was admitted in hospital for three days.

The Secretary General to The Doctor’s Trade Union Dr. Ouma Oluga was notified of the matter and called upon Health Ministry to vaccinate all health workers against the disease.

Ideally, a report was established that similar symptoms had been reported in other health facilities, and the possibility of other patients or workers to have contacted the disease was high.

The ministry is thus advised to take charge before the situation becomes a menace and is spread across the country.

The Doctors’ Union Board recommend utmost care when handling patients, especially those with diseases that can be easily transmitted.

Use of protective masks, gloves and other necessary gears are essential and play a huge role in curbing the spread of such like diseases.

Therefore, the health ministry has called upon individuals and the mass at large to report any symptoms relating to the disease and have themselves checked.


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