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Kakamega Man Hacking Chicken Thief to Death Arrested.




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The hands of the law have caught up with a man who was filmed hacking another man to date in Shinyalu Village, Kakamega County.

In a viral video making rounds on social media, a middle aged man was holding a panga in his hands and proceeded with the heinous acts of cutting another man’s head while the crowd watched in bewilderment.

After the circulation of the video, the Director of Criminal Investigations dispatched officers to the village where they arrested the man to be charged on Monday.

The video contained very gruesome images as the alleged chicken thief was cut in pieces while the villagers watched and did nothing.

The officers established that the killer Francis Liseche commonly known as President was a very tough man who was feared by the villagers due to his sternness in handling issues.

This explains the reason as to why nobody came to the aid of the alleged thief before he succumbed due to sustained injuries.

The DCI arrested the killer man alias president, the owner of the stolen chicken and three two other suspects who are to be charged on Monday.

The law does not allow taking matters into one’s hand.

It advocates for a procedure and proceedings that would eventually lead to justice when the suspect is proven guilty.

The officers condemned the heinous acts and urged the public to avoid taking matters into their own hands and resolve to solving issues through the right channels.

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