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Kenyan Lady Who Brews Chang’aa To Feed Her Kids

A Kenyan Lady, Beatrice Adhiambo was forced to brew changaa so that she could take care of her young girl. Coming from Mathare slums of Kenya, Beatrice had no otherwise but to sell chang’aa in her hood.

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Beatrice Adhiambo

Changaa is a traditional home-brewed spirit which is commonly made in Kenya. It is made by fermentation and distillation from grains, and is very harmful to your health.

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image courtesy. Mathare slums

According to Beatrice Adhiambo, she has no work and depends on day to day jobs that are not even sure. Moreso, she has to take care of her daughter who is below two years of age. Beatrice spends a good number of time brewing changa accompanied by her daughter.

This puts her daughter at a high risk of being mishandled by drunkered men. Beautrice has also turned into an addict because of life’s frastrations.


However, men too take advantage or her situation and use her. Narrating to one of a youtuber, Beatrice could sleep with any guy for as little as 200 shillings and a maximum of 300 shillings. All this ia just to cater for her needs and that of her child.

Additionally, Beatrice is not able to raise her monthly rent and she is forced to always do the unthinkable. She is also blessed with another child who happens to be in the upcountry.

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She lost both of her parents and she is currently on her own. Given a chance, she said she could work any place and could do any kind of work including becoming a house help too.

In Kenya, Chang’aa is an illegal liquor that has messed with Kenyan youths. Beatrice is jist one of the many ladies who are silently suffering in shanties and do not have a way of surviving. She has been there for the past seven years and life for her has never been easy.

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