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Shock as President Trump claims that he is taking Hydrochloroquine does he have Covid-19?

Shock as Trump tells journalists that he’s taking Hydrochloroquine




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KDRTV Neews-The US President Donald Trump has baffled Americans by claiming that the he is taking controversial medication which was up to recent thought to be a regiment test for Covid-19 line of treatment.

Hydrochloroquine is a drug that has been used to treat Malaria for many years but Doctors recently started having trials to determine whether it can be used to treat Covid-19 virus with very little progress on that effect in the US, but President Trump has praised that drug claiming that it has shown some good results in treating the virus a claim many Doctors have rejected and want it to undergo various tests before it can be cleared.

Many scientists and Doctors especially in the US have claimed that the medicine has not shown any good results on the management and treatment of the deadly  Corona Virus but the President has consistently praised the medicine as a game changer in managing the virus.

What’s baffling Americans is the reason why the President is taking the medication without him testing positive to the virus based on the strict regulations in the US where it’s not possible to be given or get a prescription of any antibiotics without having a positive result of any kind of bacterial infection.

The President who has refused to cover his mouth with a mask shocked Journalists in a media briefing at  the White House green lawn Front yard when he told journalists that he is taking Hydrochloroquine with the approval from the White House  Doctor and telling the media there’s nothing to lose by taking the medication.


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