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Tainted State of Public Hospitals in the Country.


The management and handling of patients in the public hospitals in Kenya has proved to be  very horrific and traumatizing in some instances.

Very few public hospitals are fully equipped with necessary equipment to offer services to patients.

For instance, there is a case of a National Hospital that lacks an equipment and two years later they are still fighting on the organization that will take up the tender and make supplies.

The few that are equipped lack patient relations and handling, or rather they are full of rude employees who do not put patient interests first.

A few months ago, a video surfaced of a woman who was in labor and had to give birth on the floor to an extent that the infant’s head hit the floor in a hospital in Kirinyaga County.

The nurses on the other hand who were to help were busy drinking tea and not moved by the single actions of the woman.

The hospital was put on blast and after some time the buzz died down which is currently some sort of trend.

Recently there has also been Facebook rant about Mbagathi Hospital in Nairobi and the mess that patients are subjected to.

According to kin of a patient who was trying to get Governor Sonko’s attention, the patient had been referred to the Hospital from Korogocho as a case of emergency.

Instead of the hospital staff being on their toes and aid the patient, nothing was done as he was kept pending for hours despite being an emergency case.

At the same time in the very hospital, the Facebook user claimed that a mother had lost her child due to negligence and lack of attendance by the staff.

With the pictures and videos that surfaced, it is clear that the horrendous state of Mbagathi Hospital and other public Hospitals are a den of death and negligence.

This comes  a few months after Governor Sonko had investigated and uncovered a case of infant babies wrapped in polythene bags and left for days at Mama Lucy Hospital.

There have existed various complains on the same and how rude staff at these hospitals scare away patients.

The Governor took the matter very seriously and threatened to sack all the staff responsible for the neglect.

However, this is not the solution and something more stern and long term needs to be implemented to restore the sanity in these hospitals.

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