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The Shameless Police Officer Who Raped a Pregnant Woman




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Police Vehicle (Courtesy)

(KDRTV) – A Lamu Court has convicted a police officer who raped a pregnant woman.

In December 2019, a 26 year old woman went to Langoni Police Lines to report that her husband was forcing her to take abortion pills to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

At the station, she met Constable Rogers Ouma. It was around 8PM. Ouma followed the woman out of the station and promised to follow up on her case.

The woman said that it was raining heavily and she agreed with the officers offer of shelter at his place. However, Ouma turned against the victim when they reached the house.

He snatched her phone and switched off. He went ahead to rip off her Buibui and threatened to kill her with a knife if she didn’t oblige to his demands.

The victim told police that she was raped for more than 30 minutes before she managed to sneak out.

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She spent the night at a neighbor’s place as her keys were at the officer’s house.

In the morning, she reported the case to Lamu OCS.

Detectives visited PC Ouma’s house and found the victim’s items.

On Wednesday, the court found Constable Ouma guilty of rape and abusing his position as a police officer.

He will be sentenced on Friday.


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