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Why DP Ruto Is Not Happy With Uhuru Over Rotich’s Replacement

Simba Watkins



william rutos sister

Deputy President William Ruto is a frustrated man after one of his strongmen in the Cabinet got axed by the president. Henry Rotich has been replaced by Labour CS Ukur Yatani in an acting capacity. This appointment was rather unexpected because many Kenyans, DP Ruto included expected President Uhuru to replace Henry Rotich,a Kalenjin, with another Kalenjin. This has been the assumption because the government was largely formed by the two communities.

President Uhuru Kenyatta convened a meeting with power brokers in State House as well as members of his kitchen cabinet where they reached a unanimous decision to have the Labour CS as  a perfect replacement for Rotich. President Uhuru Kenyatta was informed, if he appointed a new CS, the person may have been blocked in parliament as a result of the ongoing tension between Uhuru and Ruto. Intelligence reports informed Uhuru MPs supporting the DP had a plan to teach him a lesson by rejecting his nominee. The other factor was, it would take at least two weeks to have the name passed and time is what the president does not have.

CS Yatani’s appointment has driven a deepen wedge between Uhuru and Ruto. Leaders allied to the DP argue, The Treasury slot is a preserve of an appointee forwarded by Ruto and as such, he should have had a say in the appointment. They say it was betrayal and something that has been carefully planned to have Ruto out of government. The Treasury is one of the key ministries which are actively involved in running the country.

A number of vocal Rift Valley MPs have already expressed their misgivings on the president’s move. Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi termed President Uhuru as an individual who uses and dumps hard working individuals like Rotich, who he says, is paying the price for 2022 succession politics.

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