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Woman Kills Her Child, Feeds on Body Parts




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A woman has killed and fed on the body parts of her child before other remains found on the bush.

The incidence took at place Ludewa area in Njombe province, Tanzania.

According to Emmanuel Ngalaika, a witness:

“The father of the family went to their garden located about 10 kilometers away leaving behind the mother and the kids,

This is the time when the mother is alleged to have killed the kid”

This incident is reported to have happened on Friday or Saturday and was disclosed when the husband came from the garden, on Sunday at 6:00 pm.

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When the husband asked the whereabouts of one kid, the woman told her that he was required to pay dowry first.

The woman said that he had instructed her husband a long time ago to pay dowry but has not obliged

After one day, the villagers and administration officers took a responsibility to interview the woman on the whereabouts of the kid.

The woman was not hesitant to say that he had killed her own child and that the husband had no permission to ask her about the kid.

The woman testified that indeed she killed, cooked and ate her child in a bush.

The authorities are still doing investigations and the suspect Christina Mlelwa and her husband are being held at the police station.

It has not been confirmed whether the woman has a mental problem or not.


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