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PHOTOS: Raila’s Vehicles Have Same Number Plate




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Raila Odinga's Vehicle (PHOTO COURTESY)

Last week, this site revealed that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had impounded one of ODM leader Raila Odinga’s Range Rovers over suspicion that it had evaded paying excise tax or it could have been stolen.

The detectives were planning to question the former Prime Minister last week. There has been no update on whether this happened.

But it so happens that there is something extra-ordinary about ‘Baba’s vehicles. All the vehicles have the same number plate. This is weird.

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Political Activist Boniface Mwangi has made it his business to ensure all VIPs observe traffic rules and respect other motorists on the road. On Monday, Mwangi refused to give way to a VIP convoy.

As usual, he landed himself in trouble over the courageous act. One of the police officers in the motorcade insulted him. But Mwangi recorded a video of the whole incident and shared it on Twitter.

The activist revealed the number plates of the high-end vehicles as ‘KCP 755s’ and ‘KCH 995E’. Mwangi had asked the public to shame the owner of the vehicles who interestingly turned out to be Raila Odinga.

But the Twitter Bureau of Investigations also unearthed something never known to the public. The number plate KCH 995E was being used by more than one vehicle, all of them attached to Baba.


Raila’s different vehicles with same number plate (PHOTO COURTESY)

So, Baba’s convoy is not only harassing motorists on the road but he also has one number plate for all his fleet. Does the law allow for this or is Raila abusing it because he is a big fish?

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