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Inside Trump’s Mad Bull Reality

blog zuma trump shouting
blog zuma trump shouting

Inside Trump’s mind, there is no such thing as defeat or loss, he believes in making his own reality and who can blame him? It always worked out for him. The man believes there is always a way, another way, or like the father of strategy Hannibal once said ‘we will find a way, or we will make one’.

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Hannibal went on believing his army of barbarians and elephants could defeat Rome, took them through the Alpes to attack the empire from behind. The cold decimated his forces, the elephants perished and the father of strategy ultimately committed suicide by poison. He went down in History as a great brave leader, cause history documents exactly what happened, not if it was the right thing, not if it should have happened or what could have happened. The man believed he could make it, who’s to tell him otherwise?

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If Hannibal succeeded his initiative, history books will tell the tale of the man who brought down the great Roman empire with his clever and ingenious ways. But that didn’t happen, reality is what it is and no man can consistently always have what he wants. Sometimes you make reality and most times reality makes you.

The American way, the American Dream, is what Trump and every one of his supporters believe. One’s ability to make his own fate and life. It is the exact reason why Trump became president in the first place, he represents the self-made relentless success driven individual. Afterall, he made Covid19 vaccines a reality.

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Again, who can blame him for trying over and over to overturn the elections? And what if he succeeds? Who wouldn’t argue the stock market would perform better under Trump than Biden? Or that everyone will stop talking about the elections in a year’s time. And that’s just one side of it. But what does America need?

Trump believes the fight is personal, for the sake of the nation and that he is the savior from evil. But at what price and how far would he go? Maybe the idea of a coup d’etat crossed his mind a few times, for him everything is a thin line to cross as long as you don’t get caught.

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And when the time comes will he come to reason, take his losses and go home, or will he go all the way and make the nation bleed? Cause his supporters are on standby. What effect does Melania have on him?


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