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Now that the Trump presidency is approaching it’s official end, what’s next for Trump?

president trump
president trump

A book would be the safe choice, after all Obama’s book ‘the promised land’ was a huge success and sold 1,7 Million copy on the first week in North America. We can even go the extra mile and suggest a title for the book, ‘the art of making realities’.

After a long and troublesome 4 years in office, Trump is now reportedly 1 Billion Dollars in debt. Of course, for a business man who owns golf courses, hotels and real estate, debt and leverage is the most common tool to build wealth when used properly. Forbes estimates Trump’s fortune and assets at 3,66 Billion Dollars, keeping him in the safe zone when it comes to leverage ratio. Nevertheless, money is not the only thing that keeps a man wealthy, the right friends at the right places is also a key factor.

The president fired his long standing ally Attorney General William Bar, obviously by a tweet, in what seems to be an episode out of the business drama hit show Succession. Apparently the president felt compelled to send Attorney General William Bar home to his family for Christmas time.

Now that Trump showed his real metal, throwing the next guy under the train at the slightest trouble, who would like to be his friend? The issue with the presidency is that it exposed Trump’s character and ways, his willingness to cross the line and sacrifice anyone for his own sake.

Conceding and losing will be a national embarrassment for Trump and everyone will see it on his face. People generally abandon you after a loss, it’s a natural outcome of human behavior. Trump knows this and he also knows he will lose power, friends and a substantial amount of money consequently.

It’s alleged that no one in the Trump family supported the president’s decision to contest the election’s outcome and file lawsuits, from Melania to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, everyone tried to reason with the president to concede and accept the election results, to play fair and save face. However, being the person who actually built the wealth and real estate empire, he would have rationed it by thinking that they wouldn’t simply understand to what length one must sometimes go in order to win. All the way that is.

We can safely say, the president’s enemies will seek revenge if an opening was made available, strike the beast when he is weakened.

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