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How Famous Youtubers Are Propagating Celebrities’ Clout Chasing


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This is a digital era when everything has gone online. Kenyan youngstars are now doing everything to gain popularity. For theur channel to grow, they need to have continuous content and they have to be consistent to maintain their subscribers. Additionally, they have to come up with trending topics to keep their subscribers updated.


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Youtube channels are meant to entertain and educate its viewers. On the countrary, some you tubers are now using their channel to propagate clout chasing. Upcoming celebrities have now an urge to gain fame so fast. The only way to do this is to use the youtubers to gain popularity.

Names withheld, many youtubers will sit down and create content which is made to cause knternet sensation. Some celebrity would cone out and bash each other pretending that they are not in good terms. After a while, you will find out that they were only chasing clout and everything is scripted.

On the other hand, when a celebrity, especially musicians want to release a song, they will use the youtubers who have a number of subscribers. They will come up with a saga which sometimes do not leave a good reputation on them. This on the contrary could not end as they wished or plan.

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One of the youngstar who went viral for clout chasing is Vincent Mboya. Felix Odiwor popularly known as Jalang’o, decided to pay his rent. After a while, Vincent went ahead and lied that he returned the money to Jalang’o. This turnished Jalango’s reputation. Laterbon, Vincent went ahead and apologized. The person who aired his story had been said to have paid him some little amount for that.

How they get paid

Consequently, most youtubers understand that it is through adverts and traffic that they get paid. Thus, they would do anything to have a number of views. This also include chasing clout for the celebrities. Some would indirectly market a person’s brand after being popular.

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