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Ask Yourself These Simple Questions If You Are Flirting Around And Still Married


Is it okay to flirt when you are in a relationship?

Lovers tend to find themselves in rather awkward scenarios after being together for long periods where they start noticing the thrill of being together has faded and kind of enjoy other people’s company.

According to Expert coaches Summer Watson and Jen Fontanilla who, through their live show The Life, Love & Money Show, guide couples on how to maintain their love, say that flirting while with a partner is a complicated topic that doesn’t have a straight answer.

“It is to act in a way that is playful with or without the intent to engage someone romantically. Many times, it’s overt behavior that is playful, coy, alluring, and can be in-person, by body language, or in a written form.

“It can be the gateway to an intimate relationship and be the play that keeps a committed relationship fun and exciting,” they say.

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The two cautioned that flirting can become addictive if not monitored because it comes with that good feeling.

“Flirting may be something that attracts your partner to you, but if you’re continuing to flirt with others, this could cause friction,”they said.

“Talk to your partner about whether or not flirting is okay in the relationship and be ready to listen with an open mind and heart. You may also consider doing more flirting with your partner, which will keep the romantic sparks flying.”

The two suggest you ask yourself the following questions to really understand why you are flirting.

1. Are you aware of your flirtatious behaviour?
2. What are you seeking to gain by flirting?
3. Could others misinterpret your flirting?
4. Do you think your flirtatious behaviour is affecting your partner?
5. Has your flirting gotten you into uncomfortable situations?
6. Has your flirting ever gone too far and moved into a possible complex situation?
7. What are you not getting from your relationship, where you feel compelled to flirt?
8. Is your flirtatious behaviour causing a division in your relationship?
9. Have you tried flirting with your partner?
10. When you have tried flirting with your partner, have they been receptive?

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