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COVID-19 Chronicles: A Man In Mombasa Is On The Verge Of Suicide After His Wife Did This To Him


He got jobless because of COVID-19 Pandemic. He was unable to pay rent for their prestigious maisonette in Nyali since April so at the end of June the landlord sent the agent to evict him and his family. Their household items were distressed to pay the 3-month rent so he walked out with nothing.

Immediately after the eviction, the Wife and 3 kids left him to an unknown place stating she could no longer stay married to a broke man.

This week a neighbor he told of his plight decided to host him as he looks for what to do with his life.

As he sat at his neighbor’s balcony he saw his kids playing in the compound of his former rented house. Confused and thinking that his former landlord stole his wife and kids he went and created drama at the gate until the wife opened. He searched inside there was no sign of any man.

Confused he sought to know what was happening only to realize that the house he had paid rent for close to 15 years belonged to his dear wife having inherited it and many other properties from her late parents when she was a minor.

When he met his wife 15 years ago she presented herself as an orphan (true), jobless (true), and a damsel in distress (false) so he took her in as a housewife. He had a good job and after tasking her to look for a house she settled on her own house and contracted an agent to handle rent matters.

The wife has always resisted any suggestion to move out of the house and rent another house even when the husband was ready to upgrade to newer maisonettes.

The husband was shocked that his landlord of 15 years could evict him because of 3 months’ rent yet he has always been on time in paying rent before the Pandemic.

The man has never met his “landlord” all these years as the agent said he lives abroad.

What hurts Him most is He used to skip lunch and denied himself any luxuries to raise the rent, school fees, and other necessities for his wife and 3 kids while the wife has all along been wealthy, collecting rent from him and from other properties but not contributing a cent to domestic expenses.

After all, she has been jobless.

The wife booked herself and three kids in a hotel the day they were evicted only to return the following day to the house minus the man.
What do you think of this? The man is battling depression and considering suicide.

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